Ultimate Facebook Marketing Seminar was a blast!

It was my first major speaking engagement in front of over 400 people, and it was really, really exciting. I enjoyed every minute and the feedback I have received was mind blowing.

I have shown some really cool stuff to the audience: How they can boost their fan pages for less than $0.01 per fan and also a really amazing way to promote products, affiliate links to over 65,000 people by only one single click.
These are strategies we are using day in day out at the Wicked Social Media to make money autopilot on Facebook Pages and Accounts.

I also had the honour to share the stage with the Internet Marketing genius, someone who has created multiple online businesses and revenue of over $80M: Armand Morin.

His talk was very inspirational and full of content, we were all ears listening to him.

He has also shared with us some really amazing strategies in the break how we can take our business to the next level.
Thank you very much Armand for your inspirational words. Look forward to seeing you in the future again. (and may have the honour to share the stage with you again)

Finally, I would like to say huge Thanks to Mark Anastasi for organizing this mind blowing event!
The speaker line up was amazing, I am humbled to get to know so many great Internet Marketers of our time. Also, without Mark’s huge efforts we could not have the chance to share our wisdom with so many people and help them to achieve their goals towards financial freedom.

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Business consultant, Social media/ Online Marketing trainer, and international speaker.
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  1. Dale Dunn says:

    You have some seriously important information written here. Great job and keep posting superb stuff.

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