Inspirational flame of the Olympics

As London revels in the global spotlight of the Olympic Games, it’s hard not think about how much blood, sweat and tears that went into hosting the Games. When the games were originally given to London back in 2005, the Olympic Park site was nothing but barren and forgotten industrial wasteland in the heart of East London. But since that announcement 7 years ago, it has been worked on and has provided a refreshing breeze in Stratford and the East End. This breeze, though, can be taken from the Games and it can be applied to any business.

The first lesson that we can take from the Games is always have a specific end goal when preparing or planning something. The London games started preparing as far back as 1997 to bid for the Olympics which not only gave the organisers time to plan every single detail, but it always allowed to keep re-evaluating methods to help them reach their potential end goal. This is something that any business should do when starting a new venture or campaign. Take the marketing and sales industry for example.

Every marketing campaign needs to have targets that need to be met at certain points. Therefore, evaluating what needs to be done early and preparing several different methods to achieve this will certainly bring success to that campaign and company.

The London Olympics have also provided a reminder to everyone that there is potential in any struggling or forgotten item. Before the Olympic Park was constructed, the site was a run-down industrial site that hadn’t been used in years, but in just 7 years, it has become a state of the art sporting and cultural centre. This is something we can learn from as any struggling business can re-invent itself and become a leading figure in their industry. It may mean that there are some cuts and re-structuring needed but as long as those who are i charge can keep their heads above water and stay enthusiastic, then it’s possible to rejuvenate any struggling company or business.

Enthusiasm and passion is perhaps the strongest and clearest message that anyone can clearly see from the Olympics. During that fortnight, thousands of people would have volunteered to help everything run smoothly and millions would have drawn together to support their country day in and day out. This passion is something that can be carried from the stadium to the office as keeping workers enthused and motivated about their job will give them more drive during the day. This itself can significant help improve performance and the way jobs are carried out. Alongside that, a positive and motivated workforce can also help a business earn a better reputation in comparison to some of their industry rivals.

So whilst the Olympics are on, it wouldn’t hurt to take a minute and think about what messages could be taken and passed on from the Olympic Games. After all, success stories that feature someone or something going from zero to hero are something that most people can relate to and aspire to be at some point in their lives and it will certainly help improve spirit and drive within your life.

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