Your Facebook To-Do List – Part 1

Executing your Facebook strategy to give your business a successful social networking presence involves  following a relentless five-step workflow:

• Setting up/adjusting your campaign

• Sourcing content

• Updating content

• Tracking metrics

• Analysing and reviewing results

Now, return to step one – adjusting the campaign for better results.
The work involved in each step is not often significant, but the aggregate can be wearisome, especially if you are running a campaign across separate social networks or managing of multiple web sites. To help with a better  understanding of what is involved at each step, breakdown the tasks:

Setting up or adjusting your campaign

The workflow starts with a concept— the idea that will drive the campaign and link the results to your business objectives.

Your business needs to find a way of engaging with your audience that stands out from the rest. This is the one key part of a campaign that is often best outsourced to a creative agency that contribute unconventional ideas that may resonate unexpectedly with your customer base.

If you outsource, don’t interfere with the creatives but do make sure you task the agency will a specific brief to come up with a variety of ideas for you to consider.

Don’t look for one great idea but a few concepts that can drive your final decision. Don’t forget you make the final decisions – the creatives can recommend but the choice is yours.

You must choose an idea that fits with your experience and expectations for a brand or product that you have to manage.

Sourcing content

Content is the lynchpin to successful social media. With all the noise out there, you need to have an interesting and meaningful voice, and any communication with the market place has to be regular and relevant.

This can be articles, guides, pod casts, videos, music, and so on.

The frequency, type and volume of content means deciding whether to outsource, share or provide your own.
You can repurpose and update content created for other reasons or commission new content.

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