Don’t look back in anger

Don’t succumb to the whispers of that devil sitting on your shoulder – Facebook etiquette insists on a standard of behaviour. Breaching those standards can make your reputation nosedive online.

Think before you post. Don’t post in anger and always check what you have written before going live. Here are some more bad moves you could regret:

Don’t spam

Your business will look bad and you risk a Facebook ban. Show respect to your fans.

Don’t post links to your business on other people’s walls

Informative and relevant posts will encourage people to find out more about you. Put your links on your business information pages.

Don’t get up close and personal

You’re on Facebook for business, not pleasure. Separate your professional self from your private self and do not tarnish your brand.

Don’t weigh down your profile with apps

Your business pages should all deliver your marketing message in a subtle way. Apps that are not relevant just distract your fans and give the wrong impression.

Never wage a cyber war

That’s what your blocks are for – banishing someone who bothers you from your personal space. Having a row in public is not good for your business credibility.

Always consider your customers, your potential customers, business contacts, and potential business contacts – how will they view what you are about to do?

About Georgina Lany

Business consultant, Social media/ Online Marketing trainer, and international speaker.
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  1. Diovalda says:

    i am following your blog regularly and got great information. i really like the tips you have given. thanks a lot for sharing. will be referring a lot of friends about this.

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