Communicating With Your Followers – Part 2

Projecting the right image

If you are setting yourself as a professional, credible business, then don’t post a family snapshot as your profile  picture.

Some grainy, out of focus snap does not inspire confidence, even if you are trying to look cool.

Family snaps are often funny at the time but that stupid pose looks just that to someone who wasn’t around at the time to get the joke.

Set your profile up with a professional photo.

A pro portrait will be taken with the lens at eye level with the subject looking in to the camera and smiling –  remember that is smiling not grinning or giggling.

Put your business in the picture with a great photo

These images are sometimes called ‘h&s” or ‘head and shoulders’ because they are close-ups. When you take profile pictures, take one looking straight on to the camera, one looking to the left and one looking to the right.

Stand in front of a plain, uncluttered background so someone looking at your profile picture is not distracted by visual ‘noise’. Don’t wear heavily patterned or unflattering clothing.

The page profile picture is 198 pixels wide and 126 pixels deep roughly three units wide and 2 units deep. Take your photos so they crop to this size without losing any detail. Don’t take smaller images and pull them up to fit as they will pixelate and look ‘blurred or ‘blocky’.

If you want more casual images on your site, then the photo page is the right place for them – keep the profile picture professional.

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