Communicating With Your Followers – Part 1

Setting up a neat fan page and adding a little content is unlikely to build credibility with your fans on Facebook.

Half a billion users means Facebook has a lot of time wasters, dud profiles, poor pages and tricksters who seem to offer the world but deliver nothing.

Under the circumstances, no business should be surprised that the best Facebook returns come from converting time and effort invested in developing content.

Always consider your pages from a prospective customer’s point of view – everything you say and do should  promote trust and confidence.

No content is better than looking shoddy, cheap and unprofessional.

The place to start is to find a bunch of Facebook fans that want to write on your wall.

The writing’s on your Facebook wall

Encourage your fans to exchange opinions and information by posting to your page wall to make your page look busy to new visitors. If they say a flurry of different people having a fun time, they will want to join in. Show some caution here. You need to temper comment and communication with a need to make sure your fans are not advertising.

Nothing will turn your fans off as quickly as blatant advertising. You need to promote a safe haven for fans out of the spotlight of marketers and advertisers pushing a hard sell.

Make your policy about writing on the wall clear – and send a polite warning to fans that abuse your trust and  authority. Don’t forget to practise what you preach as well by avoiding advertising if you write on someone else’s wall.

Reward regular posters

Some pages run contests for regular posters – like who can make the most sensible posts in a week or a vote for the best post of the month that go in to the post of the year award.

Just make some rules in the event or box where you announce the contest.

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