Building Pages – Fans Want To Join

The Killer content to keep your fans wanting more!

The old adage ‘Content is King!” applies as much to a Facebook page as any other online presence.

Facebook is an informal, chatty, friendly space to share thoughts and opinions with fans, so take this opportunity to engage with your marketplace with an easy-going writing style.

Try out different media to see what’s a hit with your fans – posting a mix of images, videos and pod casts. You can also interact with polls, offers and downloads.

Give them the content they want

The secret of successful marketing is knowing your customers. Once you understand why they want to become fans of your business, you can tailor your content to match their needs and expectations.

Your users will tell you what they want if you take the time to listen.

Take keyword research. You really need to know the keywords that your fans relate to your brand.

A good place to find out is visiting forums. Make a shortlist of the top online forums relating to your products and services.

Independent forums are best if you can find them, because the con­tent is probably not modified by the web site.

Go back for six months or a year over the questions people ask that are related to your business and pick out the keywords from the ti­tles.

After a couple of sites, you will see recurring themes that are your keywords. They may not be those you expect. Now, you have a key­word list that is the foundation of your content. You know your fans are asking questions related to these keywords because you have seen them on the forums.

Now build you content to give them the answers they want with these keywords prominent in the titles and content.

For more about keyword research, see in the Facebook ATM.

Your commitment to your fans

Setting up a Facebook page for you business is a major commit­ment.

Adding content with enthusiasm and then letting that peter out after a few weeks to just the occasional log in to check out what’s happen­ing on your site will not give you the results you want.

Allocate up to an hour a day to maintain and manage your page. Changing and adding content at that rate means search engine optimization will raise your page higher up your keyword rankings.

Don’t forget that if you cannot afford the time, you can outsource to a Facebook expert to manage your site for you.

For more about outsourcing, see in the Facebook ATM.

Don’t ignore fans or comments

If someone has taken the bother to post on your site – and he or she is not a spammer – at least reply to him or her in a timely and reason­able manner.

• Don’t start cyber wars with users

• Diplomacy and tact are better responses than rudeness or sarcasm

• Take criticism on the chin

• Politely thank fans who are complimentary

Share content

It goes without saying that you want as much exclusive content on your page as possible, but do not underestimate sharing.

If another Facebook admin wants to link to your content, then pro­viding the site suits your Facebook strategy, then do so – but get a link back agreement in writing even if it’s only a “Like This” box

Letting someone else share content gains more exposure for you.

The SEO benefits will improve your page rankings and your busi­ness will gain by picking up a growing reputation in your niche as an ‘expert’.

For more about ‘Like This’ links see in the Facebook ATM.

Say what you mean and mean what you say

First step is to get your Facebook content basics right – your busi­ness information, page tabs and other static content.

Map you navigation and content so your fans can clearly see what your site is about and so they can easily navigate to find the content that interests them.

Use short, obvious words in tabs, titles and descriptions that are also keywords.

Keep it simple and keep it obvious.

Facebook users expect to find certain content in certain places – make sure your pages meet their expectations otherwise they will express their frustration by moving on to somewhere else.

• Fill out basic site information

• Tell your fans who you are and what you do. If they know your brand or business, reiterate your strengths, products and services.

You can see a step-by-step guide to accessing your business basic information profile in the Facebook ATM.

Here’s what Facebook says on the site’s own fan page:

Notice how many keywords are in the text – Facebook, marketing, marketers, brand, feedback, share, engagement ads, marketing tools are just a few.

The Facebook marketing page URL is also prominent and mentioned three times. See how a URL represents the web site name instead of ‘Facebook Marketing’

To test the search engine optimisation effect of this page, try typing phrases like ‘Facebook marketing’ or ‘Facebook marketing tools’ in to Google.

The Facebook marketing page is returned as the number one search on the first page.

Up close and personal

A good tip is building a relationship between your page fans and ad­ministrators.

Don’t write anonymous posts but give your admins a personality by making sure they use their own names. Add an image so your fans can see who they are talking to.

It’s a good idea if the images reflect who your fans are so they can see they have something in common with the person responding to their posts and comments.

Check out what you’re posting

It’s important your admins do go off on a tangent and undermine your Facebook page strategy.

Make sure:

• Your page has a style, so optional spellings are the same and links to URLs are consistent.

• Decide whether you write in an international, US or UK style of English and stick to it

• Spell check and grammar check every piece of content be­fore posting

Find out more about setting a Facebook strategy for your business in the Facebook ATM.

Putting out a welcome mat

Many business pages set out a welcome mat as a landing page for fans. You can build a custom landing page by adding an iFrames Application. The page content is then editable easily. For more about iFrames, see my How to make money on Facebook with the new iFrames application? blog post.

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