Basic requirements for a Facebook marketing campaign

Back to the future

Once you determine whether you can improve or whether you’ve maxed out the benefits of your efforts, you’ll  know what you need to change.

Changes can come in the form of increased/decreased advertising, demand generation from e-mail marketing or other sources, more/less regular communication, better coordination with other web properties, or a different type of messaging altogether.

Revisions are OK and a natural part of the process. Rarely does a social media presence launch without any revisions. You should expect to go through a few rounds of the entire

Facebook marketing process before you figure out the sweet spot where customers respond to your efforts.

Diversity of opinion and strengths

Most successful marketing projects are well executed across several criteria – like the campaign meets customer needs while reflecting the core values of the business.

The value proposition of the product or service is communicated effectively.

The design of the campaign is well done, and the brand elements are elegantly integrated.

Communication with customers is effective and fits the needs of the campaign. Numbers are captured to reflect the success of the campaign, and your colleagues instinctively know how and when to act to make modifications. What we’ve described is, in simple terms, a successful marketing campaign.

Yet few people have skills across all these areas to be a one-man or one-woman marketing machine.

This takes a combination of different skills, and they rarely manifest in a single person. You need some overlap of  responsibility so a lack of initiative or skill in any person does not take down your campaign. You’ll also gain a  diversity of opinion that can make the project run more smoothly.

Now that you know the basic requirements for a Facebook marketing campaign, it’s time to get started.

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