Georgina Lanyi is a social media trainer, consultant and international speaker.

She has built up the Wicked Social Media brand in double-quick time and her consultancy and social media services now widely known. Her clients include local small business owners, large corporations, music bands and many different associations from every corner of the world.

At 26 years old, she has already made six-figure income from providing social media services and using Facebook/ Twitter marketing methods.

She has developed and using a unique system to run her Facebook marketing called Autopilot, helping her to focus on other values in life than just sitting front of the computer all day.

Georgina has a university degree in finance and economics. She had to learn early on to value education.

Unfortunately, her parents could not support her in her studies, so she worked as mortgage underwriter to finance her time at university, and to support her three sister and a young brother.

Achieving her lifetime goal of being financially free has helped her travel the world to speak to hundreds of people at her seminars about social media marketing.

Georgina has held many successful social media boot camps. She has a passion to share her knowledge about attaining financial freedom with her audience and believes that if she could achieve her goals without any prior internet marketing experience, many others can do so as well.

If you’d like to chat with Georgina about one of her products, an interview, joint venture, or being a guest speaker at your event, you can reach her via any of the following ways.

Email: georgina@wickedsocialmedia.com

Follow me on Twitter, my ID: WickedGeorgina

Facebook: Like the Wicked Social Media Fan Page or Join the Wicked Social Media Group. If you have a question for her and don’t mind asking it in public, you’re more than welcome to write on her fan page wall.


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