2011 was such an Amazing Year!

Around this time of the year I like to look back at the year and contemplate what I have achieved and also learned and how I would imagine my future, what goals I would like to set for 2012.

I sincerely believe it will help you as well to see what can be achieved in a relatively short space of time and might give you a little bit of push to follow me on my path and ultimately, take action!

I myself really enjoy reading similar blog posts, especially from people I think highly about. Leaders and key motivators of our time, and key influencers of the business world.

I had many great achievements this year, some of them I never imagined to achieve this fast. First and foremost I have got to know some amazing people in the Internet Marketing circles. Some of them I consider good friends by now. I am really proud to be in contact with Armand Morin, Mark Anastasi, Kavit Haria, Mili Ponce’ and Paul O’Mahony, Sam Bakker, just to name a few.

I have never imagined that I will be standing on the stage in front of 700+ people presenting my social media strategies, less then half a year after I started my online marketing career. This whole experience led to my first major workshop in the UK in Feb 2010, what was followed by many others around the world (New Zealand, Australia, KL, SG).

I had my first major ClickBank product launch called the Facebook ATM, I have learnt an awful lot during the process, it was a great fun but also a giant work, overseeing and managing the whole process, the technical challenges, the servers crashed twice under the heavy load of visitors and so on, but overall it was a great fun. I have got to know so many great JV partners whom I keep contact daily. I am sure you will not be surprised if I say that I am already planning to launch a crazy awesome product in the new year.

I am really proud of my coaching and seminar clients as well, most of them started making income online using my Social Media Strategies, already launching products (this is mind blowing), setting up online and offline businesses. I never thought this before, but it is honestly one of the best feelings ever to read their feedback, emails and testimonials.

I have started providing Social Media Services to some major players of the UK and International property industry, a government scheme (what I am not allowed to share with you yet) and also supporting many local bands, small businesses and non profit charities.

Plans for the future?

oh, I love planning ahead, I believe this is what an artist feels looking at the empty canvas and imagine the brilliant painting will suddenly appear as the result of his hard work.

I am the painter and my life is the canvas, so lets start painting:

– You know I am already big on outsourcing, but I have a great idea of how I can actually automate the outsourcing. It is a major task, I have a team of programmers working on it already.

– I am also planning to get even closer to my coaching clients, helping them with not just advice and up to date strategies, but setting up a team of helpers they can turn to in any topic of Online Marketing.

on the personal level, I have a huge list of places I would like to visit in the new year and spend more time to play my newly picked up sport activity: badminton :)

Goal Settings:

I am sure you have heard the importance of goal setting so many times from so many sources, so let me just close this blog with a small but very valuable observation:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Confucius

Whatever daunting your plans looks like, whatever huge task is in front of you, everything can be broken down into small chunks. Chunks what are manageable, easy to do and make the whole process simple. Never forget this when you set your goals.

and always Take Action! take that first step…

Hope see you in the next year on one of my seminars, webinars, talk to you on Skype or welcome you on my mailing list. I  would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for your support,  feedback and kind words.

In closing, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Very Happy New Year!

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